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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Another Famous Fool

Just look at this character!
Some fools, you would never know they were fools, to look at them.
But this one?  He wears it all over him!
What a fool.
He is long dead, rest his soul, but his name was Lao Tzu.
This probably isn't what he really looked like, but it will do for our purpose.
And what is our purpose?
Why, to ridicule him, of course :)

You see, he wrote this little ditty, now known as:
Tao te Ching.
I suppose it is worth admiring the fact that after some 2500 years, it is still around.
But that is probably only because it is so utterly foolish, that it became an instant classic.
If you are foolish enough, to move in such circles, that is.
I mean, it really is foolish.

Everybody knows that God created everything, right?
But this fellow, he says that there is this thing that is older than God!
Right. Like he would know :)
This very, very, very old thing, he called "Tao".
And obviously, what he said was mad, and thus foolish in the extreme.

I didn't believe this for one minute.
Even a fool could see this was ridiculous.
Yet it was a strangely intriguing read.
I kept going back to it, and recognizing things about it that I already knew.
Except for two things that could only have been written by a total fool.

The Tao is older than God.
The master is like a fool: his mind is so empty. 

Like: how silly is that?
Anyone who is a Master can not possibly be a fool.
It goes on to claim that the Master doesn't know anything!
Haha, some Master, eh.
But since the rest of it seemed to make sense, I didn't try to understand what it might mean.
Like I said, it was a good read, and you might want to read it too.
It is very short, and takes no time at all.

Here it is:
This exceptionally foolish book changed my whole life.
Somebody is going to pay for that!
And I think it's going to be me.

Go on:
Google it: Tao te Ching.
See just what a fool you are.
I dare you :)

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