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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Normal Fools

Two pleasant-looking people, accompanied by their spiritual advisor.
They do not have green antennae. You are hallucinating.
See how happy they are?
You might not know - if you are not happy - that this is how happy people look.
That is what a spiritual advisor can do for you.
This is why spiritual advisors usually are seen in flowing robes:
If they wear suits, their somewhat odd-looking necks become visible,
rather spoiling the effect.
They are, of course, the Blairs, who "ran" the previously "Great" Britain, from their Ivory Tower, located, allegedly, somewhere on Mars.
They expended a very great deal of effort, and a national fortune, in a bid to convince everybody that they were fools.
I saw through it, very soon, but was unable to convince anybody else that they were, in fact, Normal.

This is an obviously Normal face.
See? I told you the green antennae were not there.
Nothing foolish about this face.
I wonder why nobody else can see that.

Here is the clincher: she is now Spiritual, in addition to all the other money-making schemes she has going, along with her dauntless - and, astonishingly, suddenly Devout Catholic - husband.
Apparently, they still cost the taxpayers millions of pounds per year to pay for protection, from those very same taxpayers.
In my opinion, his most memorable statement was to observe that he had read the koran, and found it to be: "a jolly good read".
You don't get more Normal than that!


  1. Our relationships are truly not merely reflections are they?

    It is something alive and very much full of energy.

    Depends on what we choose to focus on that brings energy or chooses not to bring it.

    It is how I view myself uncompared to others where I find true happiness and JOY :-)

  2. to ask something of a fool
    may result in a foolish answer

    everything is a reflection and
    everything is energy.
    either positive or negative,
    both are equally necessary.

    to compare oneself to anything
    is indeed foolish :)
    happiness and joy are fine
    but balance is the goal.

    how pleasant to see you!

  3. Balance is more than a goal, it is the place we find our center and then we know how to deal with things that throw us off balance. Sometimes we throw ourselves off balance just to discover how powerful we can be.

    Yes, comparing is very foolish.



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