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Friday, November 5, 2010

THE Fool.

People sometimes ask me: "Are you The Fool?"
I tell them: No. I am not.
But sometimes, when I get it completely wrong, I like to think I am.
For The Fool is what lives in the hearts of all fools, everywhere.
The ideal that is so very difficult to attain.

People don't really often ask me that.
In fact nobody has, yet.
I was doing what they do on those TV advertisements:
"Why do I choose Super-Toxic-Brand Potato Chips?" 
When it's blatantly obvious that nobody asked them that at all, but we are going to hear why, anyway.

So, as a special treat for the faithful: here is a portrait of THE Fool, so you all know what he looks like.
As you see, he looks a lot like everybody else:
The green bug-eyes, the embarrassed flush, the vacuous smile, the purple designer-glasses.
But look closely and you will notice subtle differences...
His scrambled golden aura can be clearly seen.
As can his commitment to never use a hairbrush.
He seems to know nothing.
His Foolishness is unquestionable.
The true foolishness is not to resemble The Fool.
It is to BE The Fool.

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