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Saturday, November 6, 2010

What does a fool see?

All right. We have done the portraits now.
I have almost recovered from them.
It was a lot of fun, so much fun, in fact, that it was rather painful.
I hope you found it so, too. Fun, that is.

But what do we have here?
What is this thing?
What do you see?
This is what I see:

Some chap in either a pointy hat, or wearing a crow-mask,
sleepwalking while wearing a very long dressing gown.
Or bathrobe, as they are known in North America.
He is moving sleepily past a ladder, from right to left.
On the ladder is perched a helpful fox.
The fox is offering a long staff, which probably belongs to the sleepwalker,
who is sure to need it, wherever he winds up.

Wait a minute...
Maybe it's a sleepwalking crow, in a long dressing gown,
moving sleepily past a ladder upon which is perched a crow ballerina,
performing a fine arabesque, for some obscure reason.

But what does it mean?
Clearly, this signifies the somnambulistic nature of earthly life,
aiming for the heavens, that lie beyond the ladder, missing it completely,
even as the angels of heaven, represented by a crow, seek to guide and nourish.
That both their beaks are aligned skywards, is highly significant,
and representational of the whimsical nature of opportunities lost, blah, blah, blah...

Yes, well, before some smart-alec comments on what he thinks it is,
I had better admit that it is the Chinese character for Tao.
Even a fool knows that much.
In fact a fool knows more:

That there is no difference between the two descriptions,
and that both are not what they represent.
They are only representations.

Any fool knows this.
In fact: only a fool knows this.


  1. I'm such a fool that I love this foolish, foolish blog that so few True Fools (for example, dogs and diamonds) will read.

    Fools of the world, unite in foolery - you have nothing to lose but your stupid education.

  2. Grrr...
    I just wrote a poem in french, and some worthy wit, to welcome you, Auban, but I pressed a wrong button and lost the lot.
    T'ant pis. Je m'en fou.
    Il y a toujours plus.

    Welcome to the counterculture!
    Enough of this normal stuff.
    What is it, to be free?
    It is not to BE anything,
    but simply, to BE.

    Bienvenue a tous les fous.
    Bienvenue, de n'importe ou.
    Les sages, les clous, les passes-partouts,
    Encore, un fois, bienvenue!


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