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Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Spiirtiyual Fool

(:Yes, I know, I spelled it wrong. But doesn't it look hilarious :) 

There's no fool like a Spiritual Fool, as is made clear by the above image.
They tend to sit in highly unnatural positions, and try to look as harmless as possible.
The Wearing Of The White, is a frequent hallmark of the highly spiritual fool.
The inclusion of nature, sunshine, white teeth, etc.

A long beard is often favored, especially by the spiritual feminist,
along with the nature, the mountains, the sunburst, and the teeth.

Even the spiritual adept with no dress-sense at all, is easily able to find an affordable, off-the-shelf costume to convey that "I'm More Spiritual Than You Are" look.
It's certainly easier these days to be a guru than it was in Jesus's time.
Safer too, I'll bet.

But one can't help but notice a certain similarity between them all.
Almost as if Spirituality can only be advertised in one, specific way.
Happy, Harmless, Odd and Wise? What is it, exactly?

Something in that smile, perhaps, as they display how very extremely happy they are.
It can be hard to put your finger on it, when trying to decide on what sort of guru is right for you, or what sort of guru to appear to be.
Best not to ponder it too much: after all: it's not what you wear, it's what you are.
Or, if you are still an unenlightened soul:  It's not what you are, it's what you wear.

Disciples are very forgiving of a great many things, these days, and probably that is the appeal of making a lifestyle choice such as Conveying Spirituality.
Hopefully, neither you, nor your guru, whichever is more applicable, will ever have to go through the heartbreak of a Last Supper.
Alas, poor fool: could it be that you have been misled by my honey-tongued commentary?
Had you almost been tempted to see the above examples as Spiritual Fools?
For shame, if that is so!
For they are, all three, Normal Spiritual People!

A fool must be ever vigilant against deception.
This is the lesson you must learn, young Blogwalker!
Do not be tempted by The Power of The Normal Side! 
It is as nothing, compared to The Power of The Farce! 


  1. ZOMG! WTF??? ROFLMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ah...
    Yes. Right. I agree with your view.
    Not entirely sure I understand it.
    But thank you for sharing :)


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