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Friday, November 5, 2010


Do you know what a fool is?
Maybe you don't.
That could mean that you are a fool, too.
So: welcome!

A fool is someone who is not as others are.
A fool does nothing more skillfully than be misunderstood.
Nobody knows what a fool is talking about.
There is nothing a fool can do about it.

"He is a fool", they say.
Then they feel better about themselves.
The fool does not mind this.
He is a fool.

Nobody takes a fool seriously.
Including the fool.
This is the secret advantage,
of being a fool.


  1. the fool is always wiser than he appears.. that is his trick...

    ... only the foolish think the fool is a fool...

  2. even the fool thinks he is a fool
    are you saying he is he foolish for thinking this?
    oh i know who you are silly me
    i like crows :)

  3. If the fool knows he is foolish he is not foolish..
    he knows..
    to know is to be aware..
    to be aware is to be wise...
    the foolish knowing fool is not foolish...
    he's wise.

  4. That's it, you're Banned!
    You can't come back.
    Obviously far too clever :)

    (...grudgingly admires the logic...)

  5. So, did you have to beg Brett to censor my comments because you couldn't refute their content, or did he do that all on his own?


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